Artists / Kunstenaars!

At Impala Music Radio Shop we put YOU in charge of your music / E-Book sales.

(You may sell Original or Cover Versions!)

Register now to create a Seller Account and Impala Radio Music Shop will offer you the following:

  • Your own Section in our shop where you are the owner (Independent Seller)
  • Your own profile to be displayed publicly to the customers of our store
  • Your own 'Dashboard' were you can add/delete your products (MP3's/CD's/E-Books) to the shop
  • Track all sales transactions - with complete information of the buyer
  • A list of past orders
  • A list of all your products with the ability to edit/remove them at any time
  • Payment to your PayPal account whenever you request your sales money
Impala Radio Music Shop will also deliver the following services to the Artist:
  • List the Artist's music in the shop.
  • Conclude any purchasing transaction on behalf of the Artist and receive the money in our PayPal account.
  • Deliver the product (MP3's / E-Books) by supplying the buyer/s with the necessary download link/s.
  • Deduct our rent money from the Artists income and then (on request from the Artist) pay all monies as royalties over to the Artist.

Our system is completely transparent as YOU are the owner and in charge of your products at our Shop.
YOU as Artist (as well as your buyers/fans) can comment at your products and share it on Facebook.
YOU can advertise your MP3's on Facebook with a special link.
YOU decide on the price per MP3/CD/E-Book.

Unfortunately, due to Royalties licensing agreements, Impala Radio Music Shop can only allow Artists with Master Rights on their MP3/CD/E-book to participate.

Impala Radio Music Shop never receives ownership/licenses on any Artist's music/E-Books on this website.  All music/E-Books rights and ownership remains with the Artists and Artists therefore remains reliable to pay third party royalties (Master rights / etc.) when, where, or if applicable.  The Artist is the sole owner of his own Section of the shop.  Impala Radio Music Shop is only a Renting Agency, renting out a space in our Shop to Independent Sellers (Artists).

Cost involved:

  • Registering as Seller, uploading your products, as well as displaying your products in our Shop, is FREE!
  • After a Sales transaction, Impala Radio Music Shop will keep 30% of the selling price (25% to cover PayPal/E-Way costs/Mechanical License Rights to APRA/AMCOS;  and 5% to cover our own server and hosting costs). We then pay out the remaining 70% as full royalties to you, whenever requested.  In other words we keep 30% of the sales amount as your 'rent payment' for your online shop, and we then pay the remaining 70% out to you as Artists into your Paypal account/ or other arrangement. (Payments into your PayPal account will be at no cost to you).

Please register as Seller and start uploading your products.  Just click on the link 'Seller Account' on top of this page; and then on 'Register seller account'.

(You are in control of your products and may charge any price for your MP3's/CD's/etc.  However, Impala Radio Music Shop recommends a Selling Price of 90c per MP3 and $15 per CD.  All prices in our Shop is in American Dollars).

UPLOADING MP3's or E-Books:

Just follow this easy process:

  1. Go to your DASHBOARD (that is your online office from where you will control your shop).  It is easy to get to the Dashboard: On top of this page, click on SELLER ACCOUNT, and then click on DASHBOARD.
  2. On your DASHBOARD page, on the right hand side you will see a menu. Click on CREATE A NEW PRODUCT (It will only be needed to complete this one page).
  3. NAME: Fill in the name of your song (Remember to mention your name as singer as well, for example:  Joe Artist - My Beautiful Song); or fill in the name of your E-Book.
  4. DESCRIPTION: Say something about your song/E-Book, or something about yourself - your choice!
  5. PRICE: Fill in the price that you are charging buyers for downloading this song/E-Book (in American currency) for example: 0.99
  6. CATEGORY: Choose the category for your song, according to your first letter of your name as Artist. For Afrikaans songs, choose MP3 Afrikaans (and the first letter of your name); and for English songs, choose MP3 English (and the first letter of your name). Or choose the category for your E-Book.
  7. Click on SELECT IMAGES: Here you can upload a photo/picture from your computer to be associated with your song/E-Book.  Be patient with the uploading!
  8. Click on SELECT FILES: Here you will upload from your computer the MP3 that you are selling, or the RAR file if it is a E-Book.  Please be very patient with the uploading.  DO NOT press the Submit button before the uploading process has completed! (Even if it shows 100%, be patient and wait until
  9. Click on SUBMIT.
  10. Kort Afrikaanse opsomming: 
  • Om mp3 liedjies op te laai is baie maklik: Gaan na jou 'Dashboard' (dit is jou kantoor waar jy in beheer gaan wees van jou produkte). Dit is maklik om daar uit te kom: Kliek heelbo aan die bladsy op 'Seller Account" Kliek dan op Dashboard.
  • Aan die regterkant sal jy sien: Create a new Product - kliek daarop. (Dit is net nodig om hierdie een bladsy in te vul)
  • By NAME vul jy jou liedjie se naam in (Onthou om jou naam ook te noem, bv "Tommy Oliver - I Wanna Live" By DESCRIPTION kan jy so ietsie van die liedjie vertel, of jouself adverteer, jou keuse wat jy daar skryf!
  • PRICE: Dit is die prys wat jy vra vir die aflaai van die liedjie (in Amerikaanse geldeenheid)
  • CATEGORY: Kies hier onder watter katagorie jy jou liedjie wil lys. Dit sal wees - MP3 Afrikaans Sangers S - Z (as dit 'n Afr liedjie is) of MP3 English Artists S - Z (as dit 'n Engelse liedjie is). Kliek dan op SELECT IMAGES en laai 'n foto/prentjie op wat saam met jou liedjie sal verkyn. Wag maar 'n rukkie want dit kan soms 'n tydjie neem vir die oplaai.
  • Kliek dan op SELECT FILES. Hier laai jy die liedjie op (mp3) wat jy gaan verkoop. Wag maar weer 'n rukkie.
  • As hy klaar opgelaai het dan kliek jy SUBMIT. En dit is al. Dit gaan so 'n paar ure neem voordat die Player gereed sal wees om jou liedjie vir die kopers te speel. Maar die liedjie sal dadelik op die HOME page lys sowel as onder die MENU.

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