Eugene Havenga

Eugene Havenga was born in Port Elizabethin 1949, and has been in the professional music business since 1968, and has just celebrated 48 years in the music industry.  He arrived in Johannesburg in 1970 and joined the Band “Stonecast Feather”, who became “PROUDFOOT" in 1973, with their subsequent hit “DELTA QUEEN”.

Eugene Havenga also acted the part of “FRECKLES” in the popular children’s series on SABC called “PUMPKIN PATCH”. No tonly did he sing all the “FRECKLES” parts including harmonies and arrangement, but he also did all the recording as well. “PUMPKIN PATCH” was the longest running children’s show in South Africa at the time, reaching a transmission frequency of 5 days a week for 8 years.  He had worked with Bles Bridges, Johan Stemmet, Laurica Rauch, Min Shaw, Lance James, Clive Bruce, Cupido, Sonja Heroldt and too many more to mention. 

Amongst all the singers that Eugene had worked with, his favourite was Cora Marie, who passed away from cancer many years ago.  Eugene and Cora were regular performers in shows together around the country. Eugene also composed songs for Cora and was a backup singer on every song that Cora Marie recorded for years.

Eugene joined 4 Jacks & A Jill in 2011 and after a few months rehearsal went on tour with them starting in Port Elizabeth, then Port Alfred, East London and back to Johannesburg.

Eugene is the presenter of SA ROCK STARS here on Impala Radio.

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